Programme: Sunday 5th November

Timberland Showcase Join us at this FREE event…….we will screen a series of short documentary films hosted by the 8th DocFilm Festival…..find out more about the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs…..witness ‘global citizens’ sharing their stories…..also free entry to our competition. 2pm-5pm Timberland, Upper Mall, Highcross, Leicester LE1 4AN MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) Future Learn offersContinue reading “Programme: Sunday 5th November”

Programme: Saturday 4th November

Documentary Media Centre ‘Open Day’….just drop in and have a look at the documentary films, photography, audio and new media exhibits. Check out the following……. ‘Out of Eden Walk’ – the 7 year ‘slow journalism’ project – this interactive workshop covers using documentary media (documentary film, photography, audio and new media) in a classroom/learning setting. It includes examples suchContinue reading “Programme: Saturday 4th November”

L.A.B. Sessions – Learn | Access | Build

The 80 minute L.A.B. Sessions [Learn|Access|Build] can provide a one-off interactive opportunity to focus students around a social issue or act as the starting point for a project-based learning opportunity, in which students actively explore real-world problems and challenges and acquire a deeper knowledge. L.A.B. Sessions – Learn | Access | Build The theme of workshops/talks/sessions have included: CommunityContinue reading “L.A.B. Sessions – Learn | Access | Build”

Project: Conflict Reportage

Conflict Reportage is a project that explores the various documentary media forms for reporting conflicts from 1914 to present day. I’m interested in the evolving role of ‘Conflict’ or ‘War Reporter’ and their ‘first draft’ of history. As I find links and articles they are posted on the site It’s a work in progress so feelContinue reading “Project: Conflict Reportage”

Review: Documentary Media Month 2016

This was the 3rd Documentary Media Month programme hosted at the Wot Space shop, Highcross. Throughout the posts below are photographs taken of the exhibits and activities that took place. Also a chance to view the Facebook ‘Live’ film that features a walk around the Documentary Media Centre. The 2016 programme focused on education and the developmentContinue reading “Review: Documentary Media Month 2016”

Programme: Day 30 Doc Media Month

Wednesday 30th Julian Harrison, Regional Support Worker for the Holocaust Memorial Day Trust returns to host a Reportage Club event on issues of Holocaust remembrance and denial in light of current global conflicts. Could it happen again? Is it happening now? We will discuss the HMDT’s FREE resources and look forward to Holocaust Memorial Day 2017. 6-8pm Doc Media Centre, Highcross

Programme: Day 29 Doc Media Month

Tuesday 29th Sandra Pollock, Founder of the Inspiring You channel on Leicestershire TV invited me for an interview. Click here to watch – Doc Media exhibition to mark the UN International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People  Showcase of short clips from documentary films will include 5 Broken Cameras / The Gatekeepers / Budrus / Waltz withContinue reading “Programme: Day 29 Doc Media Month”

Programme: Day 28 Doc Media Month

Monday 28th Hosted a workshop for DMU #Tech1502 Introduction to Community Media students. “Filmmaker Marc Isaacs sets himself up in a London tower block lift. The residents come to trust him and reveal the things that matter to them creating a humorous and moving portrait of a vertical community.” Future Learn offers a diverse selectionContinue reading “Programme: Day 28 Doc Media Month”

Programme: Day 26 Doc Media Month

Saturday 26th Doc Media exhibition about the recent battle to save The Community Channel, the nation’s first community-owned TV channel part of the Media Trust. We look at ‘British Values’ as defined by the UK education system and how they are represented in the mainstream media and the role community media has in focusing the debate.Continue reading “Programme: Day 26 Doc Media Month”