Women’s Research Centre

The Women’s Research Centre (WRC), founded in September 2020, is managed by Sarah Reilly, Research Director.


The WRC Library is hosted at the Doc Media Centre.

The WRC brings together social justice researchers, activists, and practitioners who are passionate about women’s rights in a global context. Sarah, has a background in law and expertise in disability rights including the impact of welfare reform upon the right to independent living of disabled women. Sarah works with a diverse group of women and partners to organise events, curate resource lists, and publish blogs and reports on feminism and women’s rights.

The WRC welcomes proposals for collaborative projects from social and early career researchers who wish to explore how women of colour and disabled women have been affected by austerity and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Special thanks to our Patron, Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan – her original idea and then support, has led to the establishment of the Women’s Research Centre.

Sarah Reilly, Disability Rights Advocate and Researcher

Womens Research Centre Co-Founder



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