Parallel Lives 24 hour Newsroom

The Parallel Lives 24 hour Newsroom was hosted at the Documentary Media Centre on Wednesday 19th August (00:00-23:59). Parallel Lives is a project that covers 100+ countries and aims to connect people who create and produce documentary forms of media …. film, photography, audio & new media. The power of story-living from individuals offers aContinue reading “Parallel Lives 24 hour Newsroom”

Research Project: Parallel Lives

Parallel Lives be a documentarian….……..document your life! Latin America – Africa – South Asia – South East Asia How has media technology innovation since 2000 democratized the role of documentarian? Or…..How has the smartphone given ordinary global citizens the opportunity to document their daily lives and shape their own narrative? The media structure that prevailedContinue reading “Research Project: Parallel Lives”