Programme: Day 22 Doc Media Month


Tuesday 22nd

10am-1pm DMU Media Entrepreneurship 3rd Year students attended a LAB Session at the Documentary Media Centre.

(LAB Sessions = Learn | Access | Build)



The JFK AssassinationDr John Sutton will chart the events of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy on 22nd November 1963……53 years ago today!

Dr John Sutton

Documentary film footage, photographs and radio broadcasts are all used to set the stage in Dallas for one of the most dramatic events in US history.


Find out why JFK is still viewed as one of the most iconic leaders of the 20th Century.

3-5pm Doc Media Centre, Highcross


Doc Media exhibition includes 7th Leicester Docfilm Festival documentary film showcase – spend a few hours browsing the extensive documentary film collection submitted over the lifetime of the festival.


6-8pm Doc Media Centre, Highcross

1004 DOC FILM FESTIVAL 2016 logo proof 2

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