Review: Documentary Media Month 2016


This was the 3rd Documentary Media Month programme hosted at the Wot Space shop, Highcross. Throughout the posts below are photographs taken of the exhibits and activities that took place. Also a chance to view the Facebook ‘Live’ film that features a walk around the Documentary Media Centre.


The 2016 programme focused on education and the development of 2 hour LAB (Learn | Access | Build) Sessions. 


Students, Teachers and Lecturers visited from: University of Leicester, De Montfort University (DMU), Regent College, Leicester College, New College, North Warwickshire & Hinckley College, Birmingham City University (BCU) and several local Primary & Secondary schools.

Below are links to each day:

Tuesday 1st

Wednesday 2nd

Thursday 3rd

Friday 4th

Saturday 5th

Sunday 6th

Monday 7th

Tuesday 8th

Wednesday 9th

Thursday 10th

Friday 11th

Saturday 12th

Sunday 13th

Monday 14th

Tuesday 15th

Wednesday 16th

Thursday 17th

Friday 18th

Saturday 19th

Sunday 20th

Monday 21st

Tuesday 22nd

Wednesday 23rd

Thursday 24th

Friday 25th

Saturday 26th

Sunday 27th

Monday 28th

Tuesday 29th

Wednesday 30th

John Coster, Founder of Documentary Media Centre. Image copyright Nathaniel Parker.

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