Programme: Friday 3rd November

Conflict Reporting…..’the first draft of history’……does anyone care? This illustrated talk focuses on the changing role of the ‘war’ reporter from WW2 up to the modern day. I’ll include a conflict showcase of footage captured in September 1973 by UPITN teams across the globe. UPITN was a major global television news agency. It had an extensive networkContinue reading “Programme: Friday 3rd November”

Project: Conflict Reportage

Conflict Reportage is a project that explores the various documentary media forms for reporting conflicts from 1914 to present day. I’m interested in the evolving role of ‘Conflict’ or ‘War Reporter’ and their ‘first draft’ of history. As I find links and articles they are posted on the site It’s a work in progress so feelContinue reading “Project: Conflict Reportage”

Programme: Day 11 Doc Media Month

Friday 11th 8-9.30am BBC Radio Leicester – join us as we mark Armistice Day ‘live’ on air at BBC Radio Leicester with an exhibition by Jonathan Capewell of, John Dilley of Newspapers and the Great War  and my projects: Conflict Reportage and Military History Live. 11am The Beacons, Highcross – join us at the new Digital Light SculpturesContinue reading “Programme: Day 11 Doc Media Month”