Programme: Day 11 Doc Media Month

untitledFriday 11th

8-9.30am BBC Radio Leicester – join us as we mark Armistice Day ‘live’ on air at BBC Radio Leicester with an exhibition by Jonathan Capewell of,

Jonathan Capewell, Founder of WW1 Tigers website.

John Dilley of Newspapers and the Great War 

BBC Radio Leicester Presenter, Jim Davies interviews John Dilley about his original The Market Harborough Advertiser newspaper from 14th November 1916.

and my projects: Conflict Reportage and Military History Live.


BBC Radio Leicester Presenter, Jim Davies interviews Jonathan Capewell about his WW1 Tigers project.

11am The Beacons, Highcross – join us at the new Digital Light Sculptures (The Beacons) at Highcross for the 2 minute Silence and the unveiling of Jonathan Capwell’s photo display of unidentified WW1 ‘Tigers’ soldiers….see if you can help identify them.

WW1 Tigers website image on the Digital Light Sculptures at Highcross. If people recognise any of the images please get in touch.
Jonathan Capewell interviewed by BBC Radio Leicester Presenter, Dave Andrews before the 2 minute silence.
BBC Radio Leicester Presenter, Dave Andrews interviews the Highcross General Manager, Jo Tallack.

To mark the Armistice Day of World War One we discuss the number of serviceman who returned with life changing injuries, the terms given to them (many of which today are seen as offensive) and the developments in care over the 100 years since.

Jonathan Capewell (l) & John Dilley.

12-2pm LCiL Social Media Cafe, West End Centre, Andrewes Street, Leicester LE3 5PA

Display at the Social Media Cafe, West End Centre.


Doc Media exhibition – includes 7th Leicester Docfilm Festival documentary film showcase covering global conflict and the work of photographers operating in conflict zones – review their work, view their Instagram feeds and discuss the rise of Facebook ‘live’ streaming.

6-8pm Doc Media Centre, Highcross

The Conflict Reportage magazine on Flipboard has links to many of the World’s best conflict reporters.

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