Tuesday 6th November: After the Conflict

Join us for this documentary media showcase on what happens ‘After the Conflict’……how do people return home, what do they find….how do they continue to live? Drawing on personal stories from Bosnia to Cambodia, Rwanda to the Rohingya. Venue: DMU Campus, Mill Studios MS0.25 Start time: 6pm FREE entry – open to students, staff & public. Documentary filmContinue reading “Tuesday 6th November: After the Conflict”

Programme: Friday 24th November

Using ‘documentary media’ resources in an educational setting Come along and find out how you can use documentary film, photography, audio and new media to showcase real people, real places and real events in your learning space. 4-5pm Doc Media Centre, 1st Floor, 10 Bishops Street, Leicester LE1 6AF. Beautiful Democracy (23 minutes) Join us for this FREEContinue reading “Programme: Friday 24th November”

Programme: Thursday 2nd November

Can documentary film really bring about change? Saying it does and proving it does can be quite difficult in the short term. But what happens when we review a documentary over 3-10 years in light of events and view it with a global perspective. This illustrated talk focused on three documentaries, that in my opinion,Continue reading “Programme: Thursday 2nd November”