Tuesday 6th November: After the Conflict

Join us for this documentary media showcase on what happens ‘After the Conflict’……how do people return home, what do they find….how do they continue to live?

Drawing on personal stories from Bosnia to Cambodia, Rwanda to the Rohingya.

Venue: DMU Campus, Mill Studios MS0.25

Start time: 6pm FREE entry – open to students, staff & public.

Documentary film showcase screening of Back to Bosnia in partnership with DMU Community and Criminal Justice Division and the Global Peace and Transitional Justice Research Group.

‘Back to Bosnia’ (67 mins)

Filmmaker Sabina Vajraca documents her Bosnian Muslim family’s return to their home of Banja Luka, Bosnia, to recover their stolen belongings many years after being forced to flee to the United States in this riveting film. In Bosnia, they witness the devastation of the city, visit war crimes sites, and confront the family that has been living in their former apartment — with all their furnishings — for a decade.

Kim Sadique, Head of Community & Criminal Justice (Acting) will introduce the film and briefly discuss her recent trip to Bosnia as a Community Champion with Remembering Srebrenica.









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