Programme: Day 5 Doc Media Month


Saturday 5th

Doc Media exhibition – includes 7th Leicester Docfilm Festival documentary film showcase.  

Museum of Community Media area starts to take shape at the rear of the Wot Space, Highcross.
The first printed flyer produced for Citizens Eye. It was a special promotion from – a double sided, full colour leaflet. I found out about the offer from George Ballentyne who was working at the Leicester Council of Faiths.
My first ‘First Person’ column in the Leicester Mercury.
A page from Soar Community – the 16 page ‘community’ section of Soar Magazine.

Join us as we set up the 8mm and 16mm cine projectors with a selection of films including Winston Churchill, John F Kennedy and Unicef.


Also the newly arrived 35mm Hanimex slide projector.


Reviewing the selection of 1960/70s 35mm slide I purchased off ebay. They were a real mixture of travel images from North Africa and Italy. The photographs taken in Rome included the Pope exiting his car.
Visitors from Iran and Ireland.
Visitors from Portugal and UK.
St Peters, Rome.

12-4pm Doc Media Centre, Highcross

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