Programme: Day 19 Doc Media Month


Saturday 19th

Visit the ‘pop-up’ Museum of Community Media as we look back over 7 years (2008-2014) of Leicester’s social history through the content of community media organisation, Citizens Eye.




This ‘pop-up’ display hosted at the Doc Media Centre will see children leading the workshops and curating content as part of the 2016 Kids in Museums ‘Takeover Day’ event. FREE activities.

12-4pm Doc Media Centre, Highcross



Screening of ‘Water for Gold’ (NZ) “A gold mine in the Yuba Watershed threatens to reopen on San Juan Ridge in California USA, despite a disastrous chain of events when the mine operated in the 1990s, and a proposed dewatering rate of millions of gallons per day. This is the story of what a community can do when they decide enough is enough, and that they will not trade their water for gold.”

Ben Archer introduces the short film.


This documentary is screened In the wake of the recent news about CETA being temporarily stalled by the Belgians and the World Bank tribunal finding against Oceana Gold.

6-8pm Doc Media Centre, Highcross


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