Programme: Saturday 4th November

Documentary Media Centre ‘Open Day’….a drop in to view the documentary films, photography, audio and new media exhibits.

Ineke Poultney and Andy Williams

These included…….

Out of Eden Walk’ – the 7 year ‘slow journalism’ project – this interactive exhibit covered using documentary media (documentary film, photography, audio and new media) in a classroom/learning setting.

It included examples such as the ‘Out of Eden Walk’ project and information on free resources available to teachers/educators

A Doc Media exhibition brought us up-to-date following the battle to save The Community Channel, the nation’s first community-owned TV channel part of the Media Trust.


11am-3pm Doc Media Centre, 1st Floor, 10 Bishops Street, Leicester LE1 6AF.

Rob Watson captured me trying to look serious!

The 2017 Documentary Media Month theme is global citizens dedicated to showcasing real peoplereal places and real events from around the world.

The documentary film programme is the 8th Leicester Docfilm Festival.

The Documentary Media Centre project organises events, education based activities and workshops covering 4 areas:

  • documentary film
  • documentary photography
  • documentary audio
  • documentary new media

The pop-up Documentary Media Centre will be hosted on the 1st Floor of 10 Bishop Street, Leicester LE1 6AF.

For further information please email John Coster, Journalist on

Twitter @docmediacentre @citizenseye  @docfilmfestival  @conflictreportr


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