Programme: Thursday 23rd November

Photojournalism… it dead yet?

You can’t be interested in the subject of photojournalism without stumbling across another article about its death or demise or how will it survive?

Join me for a documentary media journey proving its alive and well and as impactful as it ever was.

The Son of War – short doc on Al Jazeera

Carol Guzy–mZ0nKso

James Robert Fuller

7 Photojournalism tips by Reuters Photojournalist, 

Damir Sagolj

Story behind the Images with Photojournalist Véronique de Viguerie

4.30-5.30pm Doc Media Centre, 1st Floor, 10 Bishops Street, Leicester LE1 6AF.

The 2017 Documentary Media Month theme is global citizens dedicated to showcasing real peoplereal places and real events from around the world.

The documentary film programme is the 8th Leicester Docfilm Festival.

The Documentary Media Centre project organises events, education based activities and workshops covering 4 areas:

  • documentary film
  • documentary photography
  • documentary audio
  • documentary new media

The pop-up Documentary Media Centre will be hosted on the 1st Floor of 10 Bishop Street, Leicester LE1 6AF.

For further information please email John Coster, Journalist on

Twitter @docmediacentre @citizenseye  @docfilmfestival  @conflictreportr


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