WotBox Heritage Newsroom


WotBox Heritage Newsroom

10th December 2.00pm-6.00pm


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  • 2.00pm Newsroom Starts – Welcome & Overview to the Wot Box Heritage Project funded by Y HeritageTina Barton – Education and Engagement Director, Documentary Media Centre.


  • 2:10pm – Interview with Ros Kerslake, CEO Heritage Lottery – Ros will talk about the importance of youth engagement and what the Heritage Lottery is currently doing to support the creative engagement and involvement of young people within museum and heritage locations.


  • 2:40pm – Amy Christer – Y Heritage Support Coordinator – Listen to our WOTBox Heritage reporters interview Amy about her work on the Kick The Dust project and the impact the projects had locally.


  • 3.00pm – Joanna Fleetwood-Smith – Y Business Development Director – Join our WOTBox Heritage reporter Rochana find out about the impact of Kick The Dust and the projects legacy.


  • 3.20pm – Emma Fay – Artistic Director, Enter Edem – listen to Emma sharing her experience of hosting a young person for a Y Heritage Kick the Dust funded project at Welford Road Cemetery.


  • 3:30pm – Saul Argent – Hope Streets Project Coordinator, Curious Minds – Listen to members of the WOTBox Heritage team interview Saul about their recently successful KickThe Dust project.


  • 4.00pm – Rachel Ayrton – Learning & Interpretation Manager, King Richard III Visitor Centre – Join WOTBox Heritage reporter Carl as he talks to Rachel about the importance of youth engagement with museum and heritage locations.


  • 4:30pm – Zam Zam Yusuf – Heritage Development Officer, Leicestershire Cares – Find out about Leicestershire Cares ‘Kick The Dust’ funded project, the impact and the opportunities created for young people.


  • 5.00pm – Jodie Lees – Creative Programme Manager, Sudbury Hall – Hear our WOTBox Heritage reporters catch up with Jodie to find out the importance of the creative engagement and involvement of young people within heritage.


  • 5:30pm – Paul Brown – CEO, YMCA Leicester – Paul discusses the Kick The Dust project, the impact the projects had and why projects such as this are important for the residents of the YMCA.


  • 5:50pm – Juliet Martin – Y Heritage Project Manager & Tina Barton – Education and Engagement Director, Documentary Media Centre – Join us for a newsroom wrap-up as we review the highlights from the event and thank our WOTBox Heritage reporters and our guests.

Further links:

Kick The Dust: https://www.heritagefund.org.uk/blogs/what-kick-dust

Y Heritage Project: https://www.leicesterymca.co.uk/youth-community/our-work/y-heritage/

Y Heritage, Kick The Dust funding information: https://www.leicesterymca.co.uk/youth-community/our-work/y-heritage/organisations/

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