Human Trafficking

Let’s start Day Two of our 10-day Parallel Lives programme with a definition just to get us ALL on the same page….”the unlawful act of transporting or coercing people in order to benefit from their work or service, typically in the form of forced labour or sexual exploitation.”

Today I will be showcasing three separate events to highlight this issue and hopefully raise some awareness for people interested in helping and knowing the signs to look out for. It is all around us, in many instances in plain sight, but only if you know what to look for. The high profile cases grab the headlines but it’s the everyday situations that are truly horrific. The ease with which it happens and also those involved, especially in positions of power and trust that often enable the crime.

The first two are DMU Communication Arts students hosting online ‘Community Media Cafe’ events. These form part of a series that runs every year in the Year 2 Module, Community Media Production.

Click the link to participate:

Community Media Cafe A – Human Trafficking in Children – Ellen K

Community Media Cafe B – Human Trafficking Conspiracy Theories – Nilla K

You can follow the Flipboard magazine created by the Documentary Media Centre – click the image

Join me at 14.15 pm UK for a ‘live-streamed’ Interview with Zinthiya Ganeshpanchan of the Zinthiya Trust based here in Leicester.

We will be discussing human trafficking in Leicester and Nepal today, and the effect the global pandemic has had on this situation.


Leicester – article from the Leicester Mercury in September 2020

Nepal – article from Al Jazeera in March 2020 – Spirit Me Away 

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