Photography from Africa

It’s Day 6 of the 10-day Parallel Lives programme and the focus is on Photography from Africa.

I caught up with two old friends in Nairobi, Kenya……John Wambugu & Joel Lukhovi .

We’ve done lots of projects together over the years and one thing we always discuss is the representation of Africa in the media, and the role that photographers can play in challenging some of the stereotypes.

John Wambugu – Photographer

John is a multi-award-winning documentary photographer, filmmaker and Canon Certified trainer for Africa from Nairobi, Kenya. He is also the founder of MindMe International an NGO based in Kenya that supports and fundraises for projects that have a sustainable goal based on the level of need.

MindMe International

Click this link to view the Mind Me International website

Joel Lukhovi – Photographer

Joel Lukhovi is a self-taught freelance photographer based in Nairobi, Kenya. His passionate about photography as a form of art and willing to explore the world and learn, in the quest for knowledge and skills.  He takes a lot of photos and enjoys teaching to anyone willing to learn.

Instagram channel @africancityzens

Encouraging trans-city movement and spatial exchanges through photography

Check out the Tumblr website:

Joel’s photo exhibition in the 1st Doc Media Centre in 2014

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