Focus on South America

Day 9 of the 10-day Parallel Lives programme – Focus on South America

Central & South America or Latin America, continues to be a little known part of the world. The mainstream media often focus on the negative aspects of life on the continent, with politics and personalities dominating the headlines. But what of the people who live in each country. How do we get their stories told? Social media platforms can play a positive role in giving people both a voice but also a shop window to show their world to those on the outside.

I’ve chosen three very different people to discuss this with today. I hope to gain some insight into their motivations and some small understanding of this continent.

Jason P. Howe – Photographer – Colombia 

It will be interesting to talk with Jason about his time in Colombia. This long-term project led to the publication of Colombia Between the Lines in 2008. I have it in the Documentary Media Centre library.

Please drop Jason an email via his website if you are interested in purchasing a signed copy of this book:

Radha Daniel – Mexico & Brazil

I will be talking with Radha about her travels and interest in sustainability, and the benefits of the circular economy.

Thilo Boeck – Peru

Looking forward to my conversation with Thilo Boeck, the former Transitions Project Director at the Amantani NGO.

I’m interested to hear his reflections on his time in Peru, and on the legacy, he leaves behind on departing Amantani. The ‘Meet My World‘ films created by the young people involved in the project will be a memorable project – click here

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