World Day of Social Justice

The final day of my Parallel Lives programme falls on Saturday 20th February – UN World Day of Social Justice

From 12:00 midday I’ll be co-hosting a Pakistan Showcase with Andy Goss, UK author, journalist and humanitarian.

Andy has written a novel about the devastating 2005 Pakistan Earthquake that draws on his own experiences while in the affected region to support the humanitarian effort.

Click this link to purchase the novel 

You can read more about the book and his own time in Pakistan on his website blog:

We have an exciting programme lined up that includes several conversations with guests and a series of pre-recorded interviews.

Pre-recorded interviews:

Peter Foster, UK journalist, London Daily Telegraph and FT – Pakistan experience

Miller Caldwell, Scottish novelist and humanitarian – The 2005 earthquake

Nageen Hyat, champion of the Arts and social activist, Islamabad, Pakistan – The Arts

Cynthia Ritchie, US blogger and social activist, Islamabad, Pakistan – Social Justice

Additional material

Nageen Hyat, Nomad Art and Cultural Centre, Islamabad, Pakistan

Sadia Hyat Rathore, TV anchor, actress, social activist, Islamabad, Pakistan – women’s rights (Fish Bowl film link)

Syed Latif, co-founder Naunehal Academy, Karachi and social activist, Mansehra, North-West Pakistan

Children’s greeting, Naunehal Academy, Karachi, Pakistan

Belal Sekandre, leading Pashto singer, north-west Pakistan – greeting

Mr Belal song

Shakeela Naz, legendary Pashto singer, north-west Pakistan – greeting

Madam Shakeela song

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