Programme: Saturday 25th November

Documentary media showcase to mark the UN Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women. Pop-up exhibition at the ‘Domestic Abuse and Faith‘ event – part of the InterFaith Week programme. Please come along to find out more and see how to share best practice and learning’s with other organisations working in the area. Click to visit the website: CEO, ZinthiyaContinue reading “Programme: Saturday 25th November”

Programme: Friday 24th November

Using ‘documentary media’ resources in an educational setting Come along and find out how you can use documentary film, photography, audio and new media to showcase real people, real places and real events in your learning space. 4-5pm Doc Media Centre, 1st Floor, 10 Bishops Street, Leicester LE1 6AF. Beautiful Democracy (23 minutes) Join us for this FREEContinue reading “Programme: Friday 24th November”

Programme: Thursday 23rd November

Photojournalism… it dead yet? You can’t be interested in the subject of photojournalism without stumbling across another article about its death or demise or how will it survive? Join me for a documentary media journey proving its alive and well and as impactful as it ever was. The Son of War – short doc on AlContinue reading “Programme: Thursday 23rd November”

Programme: Wednesday 22nd November

East Midlands Community Media Network The aim of this project is to develop networking events, host regular podcasts discussions, list and share information about community media groups in the East Midlands, and promote ideas that support community development practices through community media. Join us for a chat about the new EMCM Network and get involved in the podcastContinue reading “Programme: Wednesday 22nd November”

Programme: Tuesday 21st November

Is mental health/illness depicted well on screen? If not, what should be done to improve things? Mental Health Campaigner, Julian Harrison will be ‘in conversation’ with John Coster and discussing ‘the Good, the Bad and the Ugly‘ from television and film over the last 20 years. This is a FREE event and open to theContinue reading “Programme: Tuesday 21st November”

Programme: Monday 20th November

Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs….what are they? To mark Universal Childrens Day witness ‘global citizens‘ sharing their stories as part of the World’s Largest Lesson#SDG4 #Education2030……real people, real places and real events… are the SDGs working in reality and can they really help us to bring about meaningful change. Click to visit the website: 4.30-5.30pm Doc Media Centre, 1stContinue reading “Programme: Monday 20th November”

Programme: Sunday 19th November

Causes of Climate Change Understand the physical processes behind climate variations in the past, present and future. This free online course provides the basis for understanding the underlying physical processes governing climate variations in the past, present and future. In the course, we focus on explaining the main external forcing mechanisms such as the sun,Continue reading “Programme: Sunday 19th November”

Programme: Saturday 18th November

Polar Day Join us for an ‘immersive’ documentary media exhibition of film, photography, audio and new media dedicated to the Polar regions and other cold places! This unique event is hosted by Photographer Stef Casley – a showcase of Stef’s work will be on display including recent trips to Iceland and New Zealand. James Balog’s photo book calledContinue reading “Programme: Saturday 18th November”

Programme: Friday 17th November

Lost In The Nameless City (15 mins) Join us for this FREE showcase screening by 8th DocFilm Festival. This is an abstract documentary in the experimental genre commissioned by Filthy Lucre about urban space in London – combining video with photography and an original minimalist score. It has recently won the Experimental Award at the 12 Months Film FestivalContinue reading “Programme: Friday 17th November”

Programme: Thursday 16th November

Reportage Club ‘in conversation’ with Mark Wilson, Tell MAMA  For many years now the Muslim communities in the UK have suffered anti-Muslim incidents and expressed a need for a nationally coordinated means of reporting such incidents. The MAMA Project will provide a means for such incidents to be reported, recorded and analysed, working to ensureContinue reading “Programme: Thursday 16th November”