Students and the Sustainable Development Goals

Day 8 of the 10-day Parallel Lives programme is focused on Students and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

I wanted to explore how the SDGs can be used to engage students in conversations about the important global social issues of 2021. There are so many things that need action and the environment, climate change and sustainability dominate the headlines. Are the SDGs a good way of getting a student, no matter where they are living in the world, focused on the challenges and help them to view these through the eyes of others.?

My first interview is with Uchyu ‘Nara’ Vanara – he is a student studying at the American University in Phnom Penh AUPP in Cambodia. I chose his short documentary film as the Winner of the Documentary Media Centre Showcase Award at SDG Filmfest 2020.

My second interview is with Assistant Prof Steve GrahamAmerican University in Phnom Penh AUPP in Cambodia.

Steve talks about the SDGFilmFest 2020 and how he used it in his role as Director of the English Preparatory Program to engage his students.

Finally, at 16:00 UK today I’ll be interviewing Mark Charlton, Associate Director of Public Engagement, DMU about his role and the opportunities the SDGs provide in engaging students in the important global issues of this decade.

SDG16 – Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

How can it play a role in a turbulent world?

De Montfort University – Global Lead for SDG 16


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