Human Trafficking

Let’s start Day Two of our 10-day Parallel Lives programme with a definition just to get us ALL on the same page….”the unlawful act of transporting or coercing people in order to benefit from their work or service, typically in the form of forced labour or sexual exploitation.” Today I will be showcasing three separateContinue reading “Human Trafficking”

Fundraising in a Pandemic

On the first day of our 10-day Parallel Lives event programme we focus on Fundraising in a Pandemic. I will be talking with two individuals currently working to raise funds for their respective organisations that operate in low resource settings on two different continents. Jane talks in the interview about a new campaign launched inContinue reading “Fundraising in a Pandemic”

Parallel Lives 10-day Programme

Thursday 11th – Saturday 20th February Welcome to the Parallel Lives 10-day programme – each day I will host interviews with documentarians throughout the majority world covering Central & South America, Africa, South Asia and South-East Asia. I’ll post a blog each day with relevant documentary film, photography, audio, and new media materials included asContinue reading “Parallel Lives 10-day Programme”

Online Programme: January – March 2021

Welcome to our first blog post of 2021. We still find ourselves in rather strange times with no discernable end in sight. When the first lockdown started back in March 2020 we took the necessary steps to keep the dream of a truly independent museum archive and library alive by moving our events online. WeContinue reading “Online Programme: January – March 2021”

WotBox Heritage Newsroom

  WotBox Heritage Newsroom 10th December 2.00pm-6.00pm Schedule You can follow the event on the Wot Space Facebook Page  2.00pm Newsroom Starts – Welcome & Overview to the Wot Box Heritage Project funded by Y Heritage – Tina Barton – Education and Engagement Director, Documentary Media Centre. 2:10pm – Interview with Ros Kerslake, CEOContinue reading “WotBox Heritage Newsroom”

Conflict Reportage Archive: Sousveillance Newsroom

On 18 September 2020, the Doc Media Centre hosted a sousveillance newsroom organised by Dr Paul J Reilly and John Coster. For more information and to view the two recorded interviews please click below: Sousveillance Newsroom – Blog by Dr P J Reilly 

Parallel Lives 24 hour Newsroom

The Parallel Lives 24 hour Newsroom was hosted at the Documentary Media Centre on Wednesday 19th August (00:00-23:59). Parallel Lives is a project that covers 100+ countries and aims to connect people who create and produce documentary forms of media …. film, photography, audio & new media. The power of story-living from individuals offers aContinue reading “Parallel Lives 24 hour Newsroom”

World Oceans Day Newsroom

John Coster & Gerhard Haas hosted a 10 hour newsroom on Monday 8th June to mark World Oceans Day 2020. Our conversations were ‘live’ between 10am-8pm GMT on the Documentary Media Centre Facebook Page and twitter feed @DocMediaCentre World Oceans Day 2020 Resources Film: The Silent World – Jacques Cousteau (1956) Winner Best Documentary FeatureContinue reading “World Oceans Day Newsroom”

Conflict Reportage 24 hour Newsroom

Please click each link below to access the resources produced during each element of the 24-hour programme: Saturday 2nd May 4pm Start – Join us on the Conflict Reportage Archive Facebook Page 5pm Legacy of Conflict – Steve Crump, Founder of Deafkidz International 6pm United Nations Peacekeeping and SDG16 – Mark Charlton, DMU 7pm TheContinue reading “Conflict Reportage 24 hour Newsroom”